A Photographic Discovery of Poland

and living in


My wife and I moved to Krakow, Poland in September 2015.  We are celebrating the beginning of our third year in this vibrant, wonderful city.

Poland is a surprising country where the little towns and cities are hidden jewels, the food is luscious, and the people are kind and hospitable.  The history and architecture never fail to amaze.  

Included in my 40 years of work in broadcast television, as a Producer/ Director, are two Emmy nominations and during that time I have also been photographing people and places. Professionally, photography it is part of my life’s body of work.

To sum up, this is about experiencing Poland, a country that is often given short-shrift as a European travel destination.  It is about Poland’s grand cities and people.  It is about what it feels like to live in a new culture and away from the familiar.  I hope these images will keep you coming back for more of Poland. 

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