My Photographic Discovery of Poland



It was approximately 1968 when a friend introduced me to the photographic darkroom.

Photography became another of my creative endeavors during my 40 years in broadcast television.

As a Producer/ Director, I earned two Emmy Award nominations and during that time I continued photographing people and places as I traveled. Professionally, my images have sold in galleries in the Northeast United States and at various art shows.

Poland is the land of my wife's parents and also is a country I felt was given little attention as a travel destination by Americans.

Without knowledge of the language, culture or history I set out on an adventure. Something about the country and its people immediately fascinated me.

My work here is about Poland’s grand cities, people, architecture, history and culture. There is a definite focus on the city of Krakow because that is my home. It is also my outsider's view of living in a new culture away from what is familiar. The WHY POLAND Blog is written by my wife, Grace. It provides a deeper look into Poland's history and culture.


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